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Yamaha Installation Instructions

1. Clip the nylon tie that holds the front brake hose to the fork tube. Pull the wiring up to create extra slack for the handlebar controls. It may be necessary to loosen or cut the nylon tie that holds the wiring.

2. Place riser where the bars had been. Now install the handlebar on top of the riser. Insert longer bolt through handlebar and riser. Next, insert small tube with cap down through the top of the handlebar to cap off the top of the handlebar.

3. Tighten the 6mm bolts to 8 foot-pounds of torque.

4.Start the engine and turn the handlebars all the way to left and right to make sure none of the controls bind.

R6. In order to remove the right handlebar, loosen the front brake purch. Then rotate it downward. Remove the bolt that hold the brake resevoir to the triple clamp. Do not remove anything else. got to Step 1.

DO NOT remove the fork caps from the fork tubes. - Please read the instructions at least twice.