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Triumph Installation Instructions

1. Remove the handlebar from the top of the fork crown, leaving all controls in place. Remove nylon tie or clip from around fork tube and front brake hose. If you need more slack in the controls, loosen both clutch and brake perch on handlebars.

2. Place riser on top of the fork crown where the bars had been. Insert small tube up into the handlebar with small cap on the top. Place handlebar on top of riser, then move tube down into riser. Tighten set screws if necessary.

3. Insert 8mm bolt and tighten to 14 foot-pounds of torque.

4.Start the engine and turn the handlebars all the way to left and right to make sure none of the controls bind.

1999 Sprint ST. Risers come with a longer, replacement, front brake hydraulic hose. Install the new brake hose first, before removing the right handlebar. Front brake hose is made by Galfer Brakes. At time of installation you may need to rotate the end fitting on the hose. These hoses are made in a way that you can rotate to fit by slipping a drill bit the size of the hole in the fitting and holding onto the hose with other hand turn until alignment is made.

DO NOT remove the fork caps from the fork tubes. - Please read the instructions at least twice.

How the T117 risers look installed on the Sprint ST '99.