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Kawasaki Installation Instructions

1. Remove nylon tie from around the front brake hose and fork tube. If you need more slack in the wiring, you have to remove the nylon tie, pull the hose up, and retie the tie.

2. Remove handlebars from top of fork crown, leaving controls in place. If your model has set screws on the side of the riser, losen set screws and place where handlebars had been. When risers are in place the small tube will move upward so the handlebar can set over it as in stock form.

3. Place handlebar on top and add longer bolts. Tighten bolts and set screws.

4.Start the engine and turn the handlebars all the way to left and right to make sure none of the controls bind.

5. Torque 6mm bolts to 8 ft-lbs, 8mm bolts to 14 ft-lbs.


ZX-9R '94-'97: There is no small tube and 6mm bolt goes up from under the fork crown.
ZX-6R: Inset the small tube after handlebar is in place.

DO NOT remove the fork caps from the fork tubes. - Please read the instructions at least twice.