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2 inch Risers for Kawasaki Concours

                                                                      Fig1.                                                Fig2.

1. This installation will require that you change the top portion of your front brake line to accommodate the 2” risers.  The brake line and crush washers are supplied with the GenMar risers.  It is recommended that a licensed mechanic install the brake line to insure correct function of a crucial part of the motorcycle.  Therefore, we will not provide installation instructions for installing the brake line.

2. Remove the seat and gas tank before installation.

3. After the seat and gas tank have been removed from the motorcycle, the throttle cable will need to be re-routed.  Remove the throttle cables from the throttle housing on the handlebars (not from the carburetor). Pull the cables back through the frame to the ignition coils.  Run the cables back though the A shaped yolk in the frame on the right side to get the extra slack you need.  Refer to Fig.1 above for a visual of throttle cables routed through the A shaped yolk.  Reattach the cable to the throttle housing at the handlebars.

4. Next, install the choke cable extender bracket supplied with the riser kit. First, remove the screw that holds the stock choke cable bracket  on top of the carburetors. Remove the choke cable from the carburetors and attach our extension to the end of the stock choke cable.  The plastic two-part screw supplied with the kit will go into the existing choke bracket.  Refer to Fig.2 for a visual of the choke extender bracket installed.  Attach the stock choke cable bracket to the top of the carburetors.  There will be a little extra slack in the choke cable that will need to be adjusted out.   These adjustments can be made at the adjuster on the choke cable.

5. Remove the bars from top of fork crown, leaving controls in place. Loosen set screws on the side of each riser.  Place risers where the handlebars had been. When the risers are in place, the aluminum tube inside the risers will move upward so the handlebar can set over it as in stock form.

6. Place handlebar on top of risers and add longer bolts.  Tighten bolts and set screws. The handlebar mounting bolts and pinch bolt should be torqued to 14-16ft-lbs.

7. Reinstall gas tank and seat.