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Honda Installation Instructions

1. Remove the clip-ring on top of the fork tube above the handlebar. On some models you will need to move the front brake hose out of the clip that pulls the slack in the hose up to the fork tube, just above the lower triple clamp. Loosen the pinch bolt on the handlebar and remove the bar from the top of the forks, leaving the controls in place.

2. Place riser on top of the fork crown, where the handlebar had been, with the 8mm bolt face down and in the same notch in the fork crown that the pinch bolt in the fork crown goes through. The handlebar has a cast-in locator pin on the side of the bar as to go into the same notch.

3. Place the handlebar on top of the riser block with the locator pin on the handlebar lined up with the small hole above the 8mm bolt on the bottom side of the riser block.

4. Insert the small tube with the metal cap down through the top of the handlebar to cover the preload adjuster. This is just for looks and will help to keep the upper part of the handlebar and preload adjuster neat.

5. Tighten the pinch bolt on the handlebar and you are finished. Torque 8mm bolts to 14 foot-pounds.

6. Start the engine and turn the handlebars all the way to left and right to make sure none of the controls bind.

VTR models:The front brake hose is too short, so we supply a small aluminum bracket so you can raise the brake hose on the front of the bottom triple clamp. The junction is held on with one 6mm bolt. Remove the bolt and install aluminum bracket to triple clamp with bolt supplied and then refit junction to aluminum bracket with stock bolt in threaded hole. This will move the junction up 1/2" so you don't have to replace the brake hose.

F4 models: The handlebar riser with the chamferred edge should be installed on the right side. Also, for maximum handlebar clamping grip on the fork tube, it is recommended that the fork tubes be raised in the triple clamp by 5 millimeters.

DO NOT remove the fork caps from the fork tubes. - Please read the instructions at least twice.