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Honda Installation Instructions - H101

ST1300 handlebar risers

1. Remove the bolt that attaches the cable routing bracket to the triple-clamp. On the clutch side of the bracket, pull up slack in the cables through the bracket. On the brake side, remove all cables except the brake line from the cable routing bracket. Reinstall the bolt, and tighten the bracket. You may also have to remove any nylon ties that may keep the slack in any of the hoses, cables, or wiring form being used.

2. Remove the two 4mm screws that hold the small plastic cover between the handlebars. Then remove cover.

3. There are three bolts for each handlebar that will have to be removed. Remove the bolts and raise the handlebar, leaving the controls in place. Slide the riser where the handlebar had been and place the handlebar on top of the riser. Install the longer bolts provided and torque to the stock specs in your owners manual.

4. Repeat for other handlebar.

5. Use the stock 4mm screws to reattach the small plastic cover.

6. When finished, start the motor and turn the bars full left and right to make sure no controls bind. If any of the controls are too tight you may need to reroute some of the controls.


Please read instructions at least twice!