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Tube Type Handlebar - Riser Installation Instructions

1. Remove any nylon ties that may keep the slack in any of the hoses, cables or, wiring from being used.

2. For ease of installation lay a towel over the gas tank so when you unbolt the handlebars you can lay the bars over the gas tank with all the controls in place.

3. Place the riser plate where the handlebars had been and replace the front bolt.

4.Next put the bars in place and replace the cap over the handlebars.

5. Refit the other bolts and tighten to 14 ft.-lbs.

6. When finished, start the motor and turn the bars left and right to make sure no controls bind. If any of the controls are too tight you may need to reroute some of the controls.

ZRX1100: Reroute the throttle cable to remove cable tension when turning the handlebars to full right or left.

DO NOT remove the fork caps from the fork tubes. - Please read the instructions at least twice.

How the X104 looks installed on the Honda XR250R.