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Aprilia Futura Installation Instructions

1. Place bike on center stand. Place towel or soft cloth over fuel tank to avoid damage.

2. Remove handlebars and lay them on the fuel tank.

3. In order to provide enough clamping surface, the fork tubes will have to be raised in the triple clamps approximately 5mm depending on the initial set-up of the bike. After the tubes are raised, there should be 1 3/8" of the fork tubes above the triple-clamp.

4. Place the riser over the fork tube. There should be 3/8" of the fork tube above the riser.

5. Place the handlebars on top of the risers and install the 6mm bolt.

6. Tighten the 6mm bolt and pinch bolt to stock torque settings.

7. Tighten the set screws on each riser.

8. Start the bike and turn the bars full left and full right. If the motor starts to rev in either position, clip zip-ties to give the control cables extra slack.

DO NOT remove the fork caps from the fork tubes. - Please read the instructions at least twice.