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About Us

Welcome to GenMar Mfg. - We build handlebar risers for today's sportbikes.
GenMar Mfg. is the original handlebar riser company.

Our handlebar risers are machined from billet aluminum and finished in either brushed aluminum or black anodized. Shaped like the base of your handlebar mount, they will raise the handlebars upward and back (due to the fork angle), still leaving the motorcycle with a very stock look. Most riders will have to sit on the bike to notice there is something different. It's more comfortable. Raising the bars up even a mere 3/4" (19mm) makes a real difference in the weight on your hands. Raising your bars with a spacer design, like our handlebar riser, you raise the bars but still retain the stock angle. This is very important to maintaining even weight distribution across your hands during braking and turning. The GenMar Handlebar Riser is designed to raise your handlebars the maximum your motorcycle will allow. The handlebars will not hit the fairing or the tank when turned full-left or full-right. There is no need to remove or change any of the controls on the handlebars. Most installations can be completed in as little as 10 minutes.


For your GenMar handlebar riser needs in the UK please visit
Both Woody's and Equinox carry our full line of risers and motorcycle products.